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International Security Foundation

History of the ISF

Established in 2011 the International Security Foundation was formed to provide private sector support of the mission of the Overseas Security Advisory Council of the United State Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security.  Through educational programs and security information exchange initiatives the ISF is helping American businesses, faith-based organizations, institutions of higher learning, charities and other non-governmental organizations deal with terrorism, civil disorder, crime and natural disasters affecting their personnel and operations worldwide.

The ISF Difference

Discover how private support is making a real difference in the safety and security of thousands of U.S. citizens working abroad.

The ISF Difference

OSAC: An Urgent Solution

Responding to multiple terrorist attacks in 1985, Secretary of State George P. Shultz invoked the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) to advance a new idea – a collaboration between the US government and the private sector to address security issues abroad. The Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) as a FACA entity enabled the government and private sector to quickly begin working collaboratively to confront common issues such as terrorism, crime and natural disasters.

Adaption to a Changing World

The OSAC model proved highly successful. More than 4,700 US companies, educational institutions, faith-based institutions and non-governmental organizations with more than 30,000 representatives now rely on OSAC to safely operate around the world. As threats continued to increase, ad hoc information-sharing bodies not contemplated by Secretary Shultz, including more than 150 OSAC affiliated Country Councils, Regional Councils, and Common Interest Councils (Constituent Councils), have evolved. Although supportive of OSAC’s mission, Constituent Councils are ineligible for federal government financial support.

A Pressing Need for Reform

Constituent Councils face a legal conflict because they must function as unincorporated entities to retain OSAC affiliation; but, as such, cannot enter into contracts essential to effectively deliver the security education and information exchange programs needed by local OSAC constituents.

Due to these restrictions it has become common for Regional Security Officers (RSOs) to pay Constituent Council meeting expenses with personal funds. As Constituent Councils continue to proliferate with no viable means to fund their operations, the need for reform has become ever more apparent.

A Solution Found, Not Invented - The International Security Foundation

Educational non-profit organizations to advance “public-private” partnerships are not new; in fact, outreach programs by the FBI, the CDC, the US Geospatial Intelligence Agency, and many other governmental agencies are complemented by tax exempt organizations. But only the International Security Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt educational organization, has the mission to support Bureau of Diplomatic Security and OSAC programs to enhance the security of American organizations around the world.

Members of the Board of Directors

James Snyder
James F. Snyder

Snyder Law Group LLC

Rich Davis

Vice President
United Airlines, Inc.

Ira Russ

U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention

Kevin Kendrick
Kevin Kendrick

Dow Corning Corporation

Grant D. Ashley

Board Member
Merck & Co., Inc.

Jerry Brennan

Board Member
Security Management Resources

Ronald Iden
Ronald L. Iden

Board Member
The Walt Disney Company

kelly johnstone
Kelly Johnstone

Board Member
The Coca Cola Company

David S. Komendat

Board Member
The Boeing Company

Margaret J. Levine
Margaret Levine

Board Member
Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

Daniel E. Schler

Board Member
Raytheon Company

Scott Sheafe

Board Member
PepsiCo, Incorporated

John E. McClurg

Emeritus Board Member

David W. Schrimp

Emeritus Board Member
The 3M Company, Retired


Peggy O'neill
Peggy F. O’Neill
Executive Director

832-543-1442 Ext. 101

Donna Donnell
Donna M. Donnell
Account Manager

832-543-1442 Ext. 102

Julie Bennett
Special Events Manager


Evelyn Nastos
Assistant to the Executive Director & Database Manager