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Your Support Will Make it Possible for the ISF to:

Enhance the security

of personnel and operations of US organizations in foreign countries.

Support crisis management preparedness

and emergency evacuation planning by OSAC Constituent Councils

Support the establishment

of new Constituent Councils including Country Councils, Regional Councils and Common Interest Councils

Sponsor local / regional security education

and security information exchange initiatives and conferences between the public and private sectors

Provide logistical and financial support

for security training symposia and security information exchange initiatives by OSAC Councils

Financially support OSAC

Constituent Council activities so that government employees are not compelled to continually seek out private sector sponsorship or personally fund OSAC activities

Ensure that no one is excluded

Ensure that no interested representative of a qualified US organization, especially a non-profit performing charitable/humanitarian work, is excluded from OSAC activities due to financial barriers


RSO/OSAC staff travel in support of OSAC activities when necessary

Foster collaborative responses to terrorist threats

and incidents, civil disturbances, natural disasters, criminality, cyber risks and other threats to OSAC member organizations

Provide financial and administrative support

that Country Councils, Regional Councils, Common Interest Councils and other OSAC related organizations need to keep Americans and American organizations safe in an uncertain world