At the ISF Annual OSAC Appreciation Dinner, OSAC and ISF awards several honors to U.S. Department of State employees or groups and private-sector individuals. These awards recognize significant contributions to enhancing the ability of American organizations to protect their personnel, assets, information, intellectual property or business operations overseas.

The George P. Shultz Award for Excellence to OSAC recognizes the remarkable achievements of an individual to enhance the safety of OSAC constituents who daily confront terrorism, crime, natural disasters and other challenges as they cross the globe in search of new opportunities and to assist those in need. The award is named for OSAC’s founder, Secretary of State George P. Shultz.

Awardees: James F. Snyder (2017, pictured), William H. McRaven (2016), Secretary of State George P. Shultz (2015)


The OSAC Distinguished Achievement Award is awarded to U.S. Department of State representatives who have made a significant, direct contribution to the safety and security of American organizations abroad.

Awardees: Rebecca Spingarn 2017, pictured far left), Anton Kort, Kat Plitsyna, Kirby Rosenbluth (2016) Arie van Veelen (2015), Lindsay Harrison, Seth Green (2014), Sarah Kessler, Timothy Haley (2013)


The OSAC Common Interest Council Achievement Award is presented to the OSAC Common Interest Council (a Regional Council or Sector-Specific Working Group) for its superb outreach to and programming for its members.

International Development Working Group (2017, pictured), Hotel Security Working Group (2015)



The OSAC Technical Advisor Achievement Award is presented to the individual, either a government employee or private-sector employee, whose contributions to OSAC and the safety and security of OSAC’s constituents merit recognition.

Elena Kim-Mitchell (2017 and 2016, pictured), Peggy O’Neill (2015), Julie Friend (2014), Demetri Vacalis (2014)


The OSAC Country Council Achievement Award highlights exceptional performance by an OSAC Country Council.

Kyiv, Ukraine (2017), Istanbul Turkey (2016), Kabul, Afghanistan (2015), Nairobi, Kenya and Tripoli, Libya (2014), Lagos, Nigeria (2013)



Established in 2017, The OSAC Regional Country Council Winners recognizes those Country Councils that demonstrate excellence in mitigating risk and upholding the public-private partnership abroad.


Johannesburg-Pretoria Country Council

Patrick Moore, U.S. Embassy Pretoria

Joshua Bauer, U.S. Consulate General Johannesburg

Wayne Hendricks, Macquarie Securities


Bogota Country Council

Dean Shear, U.S. Embassy Bogota

Ricardo Tiana Soto, Consejo de Empresas Americanas (CEA)

East Asia and the Pacific:

Manila Country Council

Michael C. Ranger, U.S. Embassy Manila

Steve Cutler, American Chamber of Commerce


The Hague Country Council

Vanessa Freeman, U.S. Embassy The Hague

Peter Zmiyarch, Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)

Middle East:

Doha Country Council

Frank Pasqualino, U.S. Embassy Doha

Rula Manasra, ConocoPhillips Company

South Central Asia:

Bangalore Country Council

Henry Laxa, U.S. Consulate General Chennai

Ramesh Kumar, Texas Instruments

The 2017 George P. Shultz Award for Excellence to OSAC Award Presentation to Jim Snyder