Support ISF

Securing the safety of thousands of Americans working, serving and learning abroad has never been more important or more urgent. The ISF meets this critical mission by funding OSAC’s programs to assist more than 4,700 global U.S. corporations, faith-based organizations, institutions of higher learning and non-governmental organizations in dealing with terrorism, civil disorder, crime and natural disasters.

Since the ISF’s founding in 2011, OSAC has dramatically expanded and enhanced its security information exchange programs, symposiums and other educational initiatives. ISF provides financial support to numerous OSAC Country Councils and funds all OSAC Regional Councils and Sector-Specific Working Groups. Also, ISF funds OSAC’s educational symposiums: The International Travel Safety & Security Forum and the Crisis Management Forum.

Your donations and membership and sponsorship support make all we do possible as we work together to secure the safety of Americans across the globe.