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The International Security Foundation funds global security programming by the State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council and U.S. security nonprofits to keep Americans and American interests abroad safer and more secure.

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International Security Foundation, Home


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Learn about our grant program for the Overseas Security Advisory Council and for U.S. security nonprofits.

How we help

, Mark Krause

Our gifts and sponsorships enable ISF to fund OSAC programs that share security information and connect partners. ISF makes it possible to support the OSAC’s critical work, which, in turn, allows Target to create a brighter, safer future for our team, our guests, and the communities we serve.

Mark Krause, Senior Director, Corporate Security

Target Corporation

Ellen Tannor

One of the most powerful aspects of OSAC is that we never charge dues. ISF funding helps keep our meetings completely free and accessible to all U.S.-based organizations operating abroad regardless of size. The ISF minimizes financial barriers and helps keep our public-private partnership thriving all over the world.

Ellen Tannor, Executive Director


James Weston

The ISF has enabled us to do so much more and has helped us be more responsive and better able to tell OSAC members what we know when we know it. This was what the private sector was looking for. ISF has enabled us to do so much more. We now offer topical forums, added Sector-specific Working Groups, greatly increased the activity of the Faith-Based Organizations and International Development Working Groups, launched Regional Committees and exciting programs like Women in Security and Cyber Security groups.

James Weston, Deputy Director


Sandy Cowie

The creation of the ISF has been a true turning point for OSAC. It’s been incredibly impactful and a real enabler for OSAC’s mission at all levels.

Sandy Cowie, Director of Global Security

Principal Financial Group
Past OSAC Private-Sector Chair

, John McClurg

In 2011, there were a number of very serendipitous events that came together, just at the right time at the right place with the right individuals that enabled the ISF to come together to become a reality.

John McClurg, ISF Founding Father, First ISF President

Sr. Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Blackberry

, Jeremy Rodrigues

I was there before the ISF was created and saw first hand how Regional Security Officers’ and OSAC leaders’ hands were tied [financially] when it came to holding and marketing Country Chapter and Regional Council events. With the ISF, funds can be used for OSAC event logistics and promotion.

Jeremy Rodrigues, ISF Member, Senior Director, Enterprise Security, Excelerate Energy

Former OSAC Foreign Affairs Officer

January 23, 2023


The Board of Directors of the International Security Foundation (ISF) is pleased to announce the 2022 recipients of the ISF Grants program for U.S.-based nonprofits that serve the global security community.

  • Hostage US, a nonprofit supporting the families of the estimated 200 Americans taken hostage or wrongfully detained abroad each year. This is Hostage US’s third ISF grant since the program began three years ago.
  • Diplomatic Security Foundation (DSF), which provides timely financial support and charitable contributions to the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security and colleagues in the law enforcement and U.S. foreign affairs community. DSF received its first ISF grant in 2021.

 “The ISF Grants Program continues to have an impact for organizations beyond the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC),” Peggy O’Neill, ISF Executive Director, says. “Establishing this program in 2020, just prior to the pandemic, was part of the ISF’s strategic plan to expand our support beyond the ongoing, important funding for OSAC. Our timing proved to be critical, as many of the security industry’s smaller nonprofits had challenges – and continue to have challenges – raising funds and meeting programming goals during COVID-19.”

Peggy continues, “Hostage US and DSF continue to be leaders in the global security industry to meet the real-time needs of our community members when they or their family are facing a crisis. The past three years have truly underscored what we have always known: Ours is an industry committed not only to the communities we serve but to each other.”

How does the ISF Grants Program work?

U.S. nonprofits are eligible to complete an online application during one of two annual funding cycles: January–May 31 or July 1-November 30:

  • U.S. nonprofits seeking funding must have 501(c)(3) status.
  • U.S. nonprofits with an operating budget under $1,000,000 (U.S. dollars) are preferred.
  • The organization must have an international focus that supports the safety and security of American organizations and personnel operating overseas.

Organizations can only receive an ISF grant once a year. Approximately 10% of the ISF program budget supports the ISF Grants Program, with the balance supporting OSAC programs.

The following projects are ineligible for ISF support:

  • Projects that seek to influence legislation or election campaigns directly or indirectly; activities related to influencing government policies, permitting or regulations will not be considered.
  • Grants for endowments are ineligible.