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For the first time in the history of the George P. Shultz Excellence to OSAC Award, named for OSAC founder and former Secretary of State George P. Shultz, there are co-honorees  of this coveted honor.

Awarded at the ISF 6th Annual OSAC Appreciation Dinner, held November 14, 2018 at the Andrew Mellon Auditorium, this award is the highlight of the annual event. It recognizes extraordinary achievements that enhance the safety of OSAC constituents who daily confront terrorism, crime, natural disasters and other challenges as they cross the globe in search of new opportunities and to assist those in need.

Presenter Joe Morton, former Chairman of OSAC, lauded the 2018 co-honoree , stating that “[he] can think of no better recipients.” He spoke of “their tireless dedication and commitment to both the private and the public sectors are exemplary. Their work is selfless and behind-the-scenes…In fact, so fervent is their desire to remain out of spotlight, that, until now, this award is a surprise to them.”

Co-honorees: Marsha Thurman, OSAC Program Specialist, and Greg Bujac, Senior Advisor to OSAC


Joe noted, “OSAC’s ability to develop and to strengthen its capability over these many years is a direct reflection of Marsha’s selflessness and dedication. As dozens of OSAC Chairs have passed through during their brief tenure with the Council, she remains its pillar of value and sustainability. It is through her words and deeds that Marsha Thurman has been the steady hand that has built OSAC.”

For three decades, she has been the go-to person in OSAC, organizing Council meetings, handling all details and maintaining the charter and Federal Advisory Committee requirements.

In 1986 – just one year after OSAC was created – Marsha was a contract employee who gave tours of the Diplomatic Reception Rooms in the U.S. Department of State. In December 1986, she temporarily was assigned to provide support to OSAC, quickly making herself indispensable, embracing the partnership with ISMA to further OSAC’s mutual goals and forging great working relationships with the bureaucracy to make sure the Annual Briefings were a success.


“Greg has inspired hundreds of others to embrace OSAC’s vision for a more secure world, one in which partnership and collaboration bring out the best from the public and private sectors. Greg’s will, capability, decisiveness, and perhaps best of all, his joy at bringing people together, have certainly brought forth the best that OSAC has to offer…His institutional knowledge of OSAC’s past decisions and initiatives is invaluable, and as such, he is an exceptional sounding board for ideas, pathways forwards and, often, the best approach to a complex issue.” – Joe Morton

A titan of the global security industry, Greg served as OSAC Chairman from 1996 to 1998, during which he resurrected the analytical staff in 1996, now named the Research and Information Support Center (RISC). He created the OSAC Deputy Executive Director position, hosted the first OSAC strategic planning session in 2001 and has facilitated numerous sessions since and was the first Chair of the OSAC Alumni group.

After retiring from the Altria Group, he joined OSAC as Senior Advisor in 2006. Called “Mr. B.” out of respect for his wisdom and years of experience, Greg is a natural and nurturing mentor to OSAC staff and private-sector leadership, always ready to share an encouraging word or great story.

His other moniker, “The Grand One,” was given to him while Greg was chief of the Physical Security Division during the response to the devastating bombings in the Middle East in the early 1980s. His gift for cutting through the slow-to-respond red tape and a knack for circumventing the normal chain of command placed him at the forefront of the U.S. government’s efforts to devise a response to the suicide terrorist bombings. He tested, designed and installed new and enhanced access control systems at our diplomatic and consular sites around the world.

Congratulations, Marsha and Greg, on this honor and on your exemplary service to OSAC and the global security industry. Pictured with (l. to r.): Rich Davis, ISF President; Peggy O’Neill, ISF Executive Director; Greg Bujac; Marsha Thurman; Joe Morton, former OSAC Chairman.

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