Mar 25, 2021 /

5 Questions for Scott Sheafe

This month, we feature Scott Sheafe, Senior Vice President, Global Security at PepsiCo and Vice President of the International Security Foundation (ISF) Board of Directors. In early 2014, at Scott’s urging as Chief Security Officer for Mars, Incorporated, Mars made a significant gift to the ISF.

We talked with Scott about the impact of this early support and his take on what’s ahead for the ISF as it celebrates its first decade.

Why was it important to you to support the ISF in its early years?

I found the stated mission of the ISF to be straight forward and compelling: to fund information-sharing programs and networking to enhance the work of the global security community to keep Americans and American interests abroad safer and more secure. After transitioning to the private sector, I encountered the tangible impact of OSAC and the RSO [Regional Security Officer] community on the safe operation of US based multinational corporations. Recognizing the direct benefit delivered to Mars, Incorporated and other similar organizations by OSAC, I viewed the financial support of the ISF as a necessary responsibility of a global Chief Security Officer.

How did joining the ISF Board in 2016 expand your commitment?

When I was asked to join the ISF Board of Directors, the body had a reputation as an egoless group oriented solely on the needs of OSAC – simple and pure. After five years as a member of the Board, I believe that mindset remains. Having the opportunity to partner with OSAC leadership on a regular basis and learn firsthand how the work of the ISF is delivering a direct positive impact to the RSO community and the broader OSAC constituency, reinforces for me the power of the ISF. Maintaining a Board of Directors that is singularly dedicated, respectful of each other and outwardly focused allows the ISF to operate with excellence.

What lessons did you learn during your tenure as a Special Agent of the U.S. Secret Service that underscore the need to support OSAC?

To be fair, I was not familiar with OSAC as an organization until after my time in the U.S. Secret Service. However, my five years serving on the Presidential Protective Division allowed me to develop a deep appreciation and respect for the work of Regional Security Officers. Conducting advance work for the President in a foreign country requires the full support of the State Department and an intense partnership with the local RSO. As a Lead Advance Agent, your ability to develop and execute a sound plan to safeguard the President is only achievable with the support of the RSO. The RSO’s intimate understanding of the local security environment and the relationships they maintained with local law enforcement were critical to my ability to perform my job then, and the same holds true today.

As the ISF celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, what do you view as its greatest accomplishment so far?

Fidelity to principle. The ISF understands its purpose and reason for being. It is not distracted, and it does not waiver from its mission.

What’s the ISF’s biggest challenge and opportunity for the next decade?

The mission of OSAC, and by extension the relevance of the ISF, has never been more critical. OSAC’s constituents operate in a dynamic global environment and require support that is timely, accurate, forward looking and readily available. For OSAC to remain a viable organization that delivers on its mandate and continues to serve as the standard bearer for public / private partnerships, funding is required.

The ISF must avoid the temptation to expand in scope beyond its true purpose. It must continue to use its platform to shine a light on how OSAC supports the interests of the United States around the world. For the past ten years, the ISF has proven to be a highly effective funding mechanism for programs and events that build knowledge, reduce risk, add value and protect human life. This is no time to let up.

About Scott W. Sheafe

After graduating from the University of Arizona (BA in Public Administration), Scott was sworn in as a Special Agent of the U.S. Secret Service in 1992. During his 15 year tenure for which he received numerous commendations, Scott held several leadership positions in the Washington Field Office, the Presidential Protective Division, the Boston Field Office, the Dignitary Protective Division and Secret Service Headquarters.

His first security position in the private sector was as Chief Security Officer for Mars, Incorporated. In 2015, he was named Senior Vice President, Global Security at PepsiCo. He joined the ISF Board of Directors in 2016 and serves as Vice President. Scott has held two tenures as an OSAC Council member, first with Mars, Incorporated from 2013 to 2014 and then with PepsiCo from 2016 until the present.

Update: On April 5, 2021, Scott will be the Global Chief Security Officer for Stryker Corporation.

Thank you for your service to OSAC and the ISF, Scott!