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6th Annual OSAC Appreciation Dinner Recap

ISF hosted its sixth annual OSAC Appreciation Dinner on November 14, 2018 in the beautiful space of the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium, welcoming a record 700 guests from across the global security industry.

Rich Davis, ISF President who retires as United Airlines’  Managing Director – Global Security on December 31, 2018 after 40 years with the airline, served as emcee for the evening. The event celebrates the achievements of the individuals and groups within OSAC and has become a much-anticipated part of OSAC’s Annual Briefing.

Generous sponsorships and individual tickets from the annual event enable the ISF to support numerous OSAC security information exchanges, programs and networking opportunities. This year’s event raised $770,000, far surpassing the original goal and setting the bar for future events.

Enjoy the PHOTO GALLERY for the event.

2018 George P. Shultz Award for Excellence to OSAC Co-honorees

Congratulations to Marsha Thurman, OSAC Program Specialist, and Greg Bujac, Senior Advisor to OSAC. Their co-honor is the first time in the history of this honor – the highest bestowed for OSAC service – that the award was shared.

Read the full news and watch the video presentation for Marsha and Greg’s award. Thanks, Joe Morton, former OSAC Chairman (pictured far right) for your heartfelt words.


2018 OSAC Distinguished Achievement Award: Shari-Ann Peart, Program Officer, RISC Staff, OSAC

Given in recognition of her efforts over the past year to support the Middle East and North Africa Regional Council (MENA RC). Since the MENA RC’s launch in 2014, Shari-Ann has provided exceptional support to the Regional Council. Whether organizing meetings and conferences, serving as both a liaison and resource for MENA RC members and OSAC, or introducing networking initiatives, Shari-Ann has demonstrated excellence and a devotion to OSAC’s ideals and the needs of the MENA RC. Her constituent-focused approach significantly enhances the public-private collaboration and embraces our collective goals.

Presented by Mark Krause, Senior Director of Corporate Security at Target, which was a Platinum Sponsor for the event. Read about Target’s support of ISF and OSAC.

OSAC Common Interest Council Achievement Award: Aviation Security Working Group

Given in recognition of the Aviation Security Working Group’s (AWSG) standard-setting example of collaborative, innovative information sharing across the complexities of the aviation industry. Using the depth and breadth of its subject-matter experts, the Aviation Security Working Group produced webinars and whitepapers on aviation security for the general OSAC constituency. Meetings this year included partnering with the London Country Council, U.S. Ambassador and State Department’s Intelligence Threat Analysis Office Analyst, which included the first-ever joint meeting with Federal Aviation Administration and their British, Dutch, French, and German counterparts for an overflight risk discussion. Thank you for your ongoing, proactive commitment to increasing information sharing across the aviation network.

Accepted by AWSG Vice-Chair Ned Farmer of American Airlines. Presented by Cameron Burks, Deputy Chief Security Officer, Global Security at Chevron Corporation. Chevron was a Platinum Sponsor for the event. Read about Chevron’s support of ISF and OSAC.

OSAC Country Council Achievement Award: Caracas, Venezuela Country Council

Awarded to the Caracas, Venezuela Country Council for its consistent, trusted leadership amidst ongoing socio-economic challenges in Venezuela. The Caracas Country Council maintains a very high level of active participation among its nearly 60 members. With often twice-monthly meetings, a solid network, real-time use of social media, and national and international speakers and pertinent topics, the Council provides much-needed business continuity in a region dealing with permanent social commotion. Such leadership in the face of complexity has resulted in several companies joining OSAC and participating in activities and meetings.  

Accepted by Country Council private sector co-chair Jose Carmona of Chevron (left) and Caracas Regional Security Officer Patrick Mills (right). Presented by Eddie Silverman, ISF Board member and Chairman and CEO, SOS Security LLC (center). SOS Security was a Gold Sponsor for the event.

Congratulations to the 2018 OSAC  Achievement Award Winners!


Rich Davis’ opening remarks that the evening was about self-reflection and heroes certainly set the tone for the keynote address by General Michael V. Hayden, former director of the CIA and NSA. General Hayden began his inspirational remarks by noting that he “was grateful to be among family and friends again.” He implored the room filled with security leaders from the public and private sectors to “take your expertise and make it part of a richer, broader, healthier national dialogue.”

He shared his belief that, although he “has lived in a world more dangerous than it is today,” citing the Cuban Missile Crisis, he noted that he has not seen it “more complicated…and more immediate.” Explaining that the “world in which the post-World War II order was based no longer exists,” he urged the audience to consider what he calls “America 2.0.” Using his recent trip to Normandy over Veterans’ Day as an example, he asked those gathered to consider what America’s role should be going forward, and fundamentally, what [they] think it ought to be.

“Given your experience and knowledge and [skill with] fact-based decision-making, I want you to be part of the dialogue,” he said, chuckling that he was reverting to his college professor role. “We need to understand the relevance of our views and the importance of sharing them in a less-emotional conversation. This is the task I leave you with tonight.”

Thank you, General Hayden, for the wisdom and kindness you shared at the 6th Annual OSAC Appreciation Dinner.


Distinguished guests included:

  • Brian Bulatao, Senior Advisor to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
  • Michael Evanoff, Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security
  • Christian J. Schurman, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security
  • Joshua Skule, FBI Executive Assistant Director
  • Andrew Makridis, CIA Chief Operating Officer

For the second year in a row, Master Gunnery Sergeant, United States Marine Corp. retired, and former soloist of the United States Marine Band Michael Ryan gave a stirring rendition of the National Anthem.

Michael Evanhoff’s remarks focused on the tangible difference in OSAC programming because of ISF support: “The contributions of everyone in this room make it possible for OSAC to provide dozens of initiatives and events offered to our constituency free of charge. I’m amazed by the number of events we can now offer compared to when I was Executive Director and the ISF did not exist.”

The day prior, at an OSAC luncheon in the historic Benjamin Franklin Room at the U.S. Department of State, three OSAC Council members were recognized as their tenure on the Council ended. Pictured below (l. to r.): Michael Evanoff; Julie Friend, Northwestern University, Rich ISF President and longest-serving member of the OSAC Council; and Robert Soderberg, formerly with Johnson Controls, Inc.

Rich will soon be celebrating another milestone: retirement from United Airlines after 40 years in its security department. To commemorate these accomplishments and to celebrate the remarkable contributions Rich has given to OSAC, ISF and the global security network, within and well beyond the airline industry, his fellow ISF Board members cooked up a surprise for their baseball-loving leader.

ISF Board member Dave Komendat, Boeing, took the stage with Peggy O’Neill, ISF Executive Director. After a brief video of epic misses  of celebrity first pitches at Major League ball games, Dave implored Rich to practice for his first pitch.

On Friday, May 3, 2019, Rich will throw out the first pitch at the Chicago White Sox vs. Boston Red Sox game at Guaranteed Rate Field, home of his beloved White Sox. He was given a jersey with “Davis 40” on the back, in commemoration of his four decades at United Airlines, a glove, ball, White Sox cap and a well-deserved standing ovation.

ISF has purchased a block of  Lower Box-seat tickets ($40/ticket) for the game.

For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

After taking a moment to compose himself, Rich encapsulated the evening with eloquence and heartfelt emotion and respect for those who shared the stage with him throughout the event and for everyone who attended. “Tonight, we just heard one of the great leaders of our lifetime. I return to the idea of self-reflection. It’s a tough world. How do we turn the dial and get things a little better? How can we use our skills and leadership to make the world a little better and safer for the people who are depending on us?”

Thank you to all who made the 6th Annual OSAC Appreciation Dinner such a memorable celebration of the pubic-private partnership between OSAC and the global security industry!

Save the date for next year’s dinner: Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at the National Building Museum.