Dec 10, 2019 /

Academia Working Group’s 2019 Health, Safety and Security Seminar

The Academia Working Group (AWG) ), a consortium of subject-matter experts from nearly 200 public and private higher education institutions, education abroad third-party providers and other educational institutions, held its annual Health, Safety and Security Seminar on October 17-18, 2019 at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky.

AWG Private Sector Chair Marcia Henisz (Drexel University), AWG Vice-Chair Patrick T. Morgan (University of Michigan) and Jason Hope (University of Kentucky) led the Lexington Planning Committee in developing an exceptional slate of speakers and topics central to the AWG’s mission.

Topics included Global Engagement in an Era of Nationalism, Considerations and Challenges in Sending Medical Trainees Abroad; Strategies for Addressing Mental Health Needs of Students Abroad; Latin America’s Political Change, Cultural Challenges and Natural Disasters; Faculty Perspectives on the Changing Landscape of Education Abroad Safety and Security; The Impact of Study Abroad Legislation at a National and State Level; and Preparing Gen Z to Go Abroad.

Thank you for our Gold Sponsor On Call International, Silver Sponsor WorldStrides/ISA and Bronze Sponsors CEA Study Abroad, GeoBlue,  International SOS and Terra Dotta. Thanks to the University of Kentucky for hosting this event.

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