Annual OSAC Topical Forum: Protecting Valuable Information Overseas

All OSAC members are invited to attend the annual Topical Forum, Protecting Valuable Information Overseas: Safeguarding the U.S. Private Sector from Insider, State, and Non-State Actor Threats

July 10-11, 2019, Boeing Conference Center, Arlington, VA

This two-day event, funded by the International Security Foundation, will cover an array of topics and issues vital to keeping information and organizations secure. This event is pertinent to all regions and industry sectors served by OSAC.


OSAC events are available to OSAC constituents with no attendance fee. However, there are significant OSAC event costs (catering, material and facilities) which are borne by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, the International Security Foundation and supporting/hosting organizations. OSAC’s goal is to maximize the funding we receive to benefit our constituents with quality programs and events but reserves the right to limit individuals, who are frequent “no shows,” from registering. Their access would be on a space available basis. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.