Dec 11, 2019 /

Executive Summit Series Gives Back

At the ISF 7th Annual OSAC Appreciation Dinner on November 20, 2019, Lynn Mattice and Ron Worman, co-founders of the Executive Summit Series™ in 2018, presented Rich Davis, ISF President, and Peggy O’Neill, ISF Executive Director, with a donation from the proceeds of the Summit. The presentation was made at the VIP Reception preceding the dinner.

L. to r.: Ron Worman, ISF President Rich Davis, Lynn Mattice and ISF Executive Director Peggy O’Neill.

Lynn and Ron’s vision for the Summit is to be an exclusive and premier knowledge sharing forum for senior risk, security and resiliency executives. The Summit is designed to consistently improve the industries it serves and enhance the education and awareness of participating senior executives from both the public and private sector.

Integral to this founding vision is a desire to give back. Lynn and Ron have committed to provide a significant portion of the Summit’s  proceeds to the ISF and its support of OSAC. As a long-term player in OSAC, including his involvement as a constituent and his service as an OSAC Council member and senior advisor for 32 of OSAC’s 34 years, Lynn understands the need for support.

This year, following the second Summit on November 18, Lynn and Ron presented a check for $10,000 for the ISF. They will also be delivering a similar donation to the nonprofit Domestic Security Partnership in support of the efforts of Domestic Security Alliance Council.

Thank you, Lynn and Ron and the Executive Summit Series™ for your support!