Aug 5, 2019 /


From its Platinum sponsorship of the annual OSAC Appreciation Dinner, which funds OSAC security-exchange events throughout the year, to sponsoring and hosting Common Interest Council events across the globe, Bloomberg exemplifies the private-public partnership that is at the core of the ISF and OSAC.

We spoke with Eduardo Jany, Security Operations, Global Health and Safety, Protective Operations for Bloomberg, about the partnership between Bloomberg, OSAC and the ISF and of Bloomberg’s leadership support of the ISF.

Why does Bloomberg support the ISF?

Eduardo Jany: “At Bloomberg, we recognize the intrinsic value of what the ISF provides in terms of promoting and supporting the integration of public and private sector organizations towards improving security worldwide. We are quite selective in which organizations or entities we endorse or support and the ISF is a pillar of efficacy, integrity and service. We see the fruits of ISF’s engagements and the positive actions that training and integrated efforts bring.”

Eduardo Jany at the 2019 Latin America Regional Council Spring Meeting. Bloomberg sponsored the event.

How do OSAC programs help Bloomberg?

“The contacts that we have made with government officials, Regional Security Officers and our corporate security counterparts has paid tremendous dividends in that we are able to ask for support or identify resources in places we don’t always have them. Bloomberg is firmly committed to the ideals of OSAC and ISF and I can assure that we will continue to actively support and participate in both of these great organizations.”

HIGHLIghts of Bloomberg’s Leadership Support of ISF:

  • Leadership donor since 2016, including Platinum Sponsor for the OSAC Appreciation Dinners
  • Funded the launch of the Europe Regional Council in 2017 and the ERC’s first overseas ERC event in London this year
  • Funding the Pan Asia Regional Council event in Singapore
  • Sponsor of multiple Latin America Regional Council events

Thank you, Eduardo and Bloomberg, for making a difference with the ISF and the crucial role it plays in supporting OSAC’s vision, mission and programs.

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