Apr 10, 2019 /

ISF Leader Spotlight: SOS Security

SOS Security has supported the International Security Foundation (ISF) since its earliest days. Edward “Eddie” Silverman, CPP, CIPM, Chairman and CEO of SOS Security, serves on the ISF board and on the steering committee for the OSAC Appreciation Dinner. He recently spoke with the ISF about SOS Security’s longstanding commitment to the ISF and OSAC.

Why does SOS Security support the ISF?

I understand the importance of ISF-funded events such as OSAC’s Common Interest Council (CIC) events [for the Regional Councils and Sector-specific Working Groups]. These events are critical to the safety and security of all security programs for our company and every company operating abroad. For our client base, of which 90 percent have overseas interests, our participation is essential to ensure the safety of our people.

SOS Security, Gold Sponsor of the ISF 6th Annual OSAC Appreciation Dinner, with Gen. Michael Hayden, Keynote Speaker for the event.

Why is OSAC important to your work?

I go back to what OSAC is all about with its public-private partnerships. OSAC really enables us to establish a true network of information across industry sectors. The bottom line: OSAC helps us keep our people safe. The stronger that partnership, the greater the network and the safer we will all be. I am always encouraging people to get involved with OSAC and the ISF. The more people we can get involved, the better we are as a security unit.

The leadership of the ISF has been wonderful. The board is a tremendously talented group of people, and the camaraderie is great.

Eddie Silverman, SOS Security Chairman and CEO and ISF Board member, presented the 2018 Country Council Award to the Venezuela Country Council at the 6th Annual OSAC Appreciation Dinner. (L. to r.): Private sector co-chair Jose Carmona of Chevron, Eddie Silverman, Caracas Regional Security Officer Patrick Mills.

Highlights of SOS Security’s ISF leadership

Annual leadership donor for the OSAC Appreciation Dinner, including 2018 Gold Sponsor.
Annual sponsor of Common Interest Council events.

Congratulations to SOS Security on its 50th anniversary!