Mar 27, 2018 /

ISF Leader Spotlight: Target Corporation

We kick off our ISF Leader Spotlight series with Target Corporation, ISF founding donor.

The International Security Foundation relies on the generosity of Target Corporation and many other corporations, organizations and individuals to fund OSAC events. The Federal Advisory Committee Act prohibits OSAC from paying for regional, country and sector-specific educational events. Gifts to the ISF ensure that these critical security information exchange programs occur – all at no cost to OSAC constituents.

Why does Target support ISF? 

“Our gifts and sponsorships enable ISF to fund OSAC programs that share security information and connect partners. We believe that being a member of the global security community means taking an active role. OSAC, as a government agency, is unable to accept private funding. ISF makes it possible to support the OSAC’s critical work, which, in turn, allows Target to create a brighter, safer future for our team, our guests, and the communities we serve.” – Mark Krause, Senior Director, Corporate Security, Target Corporation

How do OSAC programs help Target?

“The Target team is worldwide, and our business is dependent on having the right information and the right partners to manage security risk. OSAC delivers meaningful programs, meetings, analyst support, real-time updates and more to keep us connected through a changing global environment. These resources help us prepare, assess and respond to issues so we can keep business moving.” – Mark Krause

Highlights of Target’s leadership support of ISF

 Founding Sponsor since 2013 – gives every year

Largest ISF cumulative donor

Sponsors Annual OSAC Appreciation Dinners, Africa Regional Council, Pan-Asia Regional Council, Latin America Regional Council, International Safety and Security Forum, All-China General Assembly

Sponsored and hosted 2017 Crisis Management Forum at Target headquarters

Thank you, Target Corporation, for your generous commitment to ISF and OSAC!