OSAC Awards

The annual OSAC Awards, given by OSAC, honor U.S. Department of State employees or groups and private-sector individuals. These peer-nominated awards recognize significant contributions to enhancing the ability of American organizations to protect their personnel, assets, information, intellectual property or business operations overseas.


The Distinguished Achievement Award is presented to U.S. Department of State representatives who have made a significant, direct contribution to the safety and security of American organizations abroad.

2021 OSAC STAFF RECIPIENT: BryAna Stearns, Former Program Manager, OSAC

OSAC Awards, OSAC AwardsIn less than a year as the Pan-Asia Regional Committee (PARC) OSAC staff liaison, BryAna has done a remarkable job of ensuring PARC’s continuity and relevance during a global pandemic. She joined the PARC Steering Committee in February 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, during which PARC played a leading role for OSAC and the security community by sharing early, key information. BryAna’s tenacity, initiative and ingenuity helped PARC and several OSAC Country Chapters and Sector Committees pivot to virtual communications.

Bryana shepherded PARC Steering Committee elections and exponential growth in PARC membership and member communications and did so while staffing – all remotely – the South and Central Asia Country Chapters and the International Development Sector Committee and supporting security for the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. During this timeframe, she also temporarily covered the East Asia and Pacific Country Chapters and the Aviation Sector Committee.

From BryAna: “I’m honored to have received the OSAC Staff Distinguished Achievement Award. I loved my time at the OSAC Program Office as there were always opportunities for collaboration and creative problem solving. I’d like to thank the Programs, Partnerships and Policy team for their mentorship and friendship. I’d also like to thank my colleagues in the PARC, IDSC and SCA (South and Central Asia) Country Chapters for their dedication to the OSAC partnership and for teaching me so much about the challenges their regions and sectors face.”

In the clip below, watch ISF Board member Nick Lovrien, Meta, present BryAna with her well-deserved award.


2021 PUBLIC SECTOR RECIPIENT:  Ryan Wildes, Former Chair, Middle East North Africa Regional Committee; Manager, International Risk Management, Mass General Brigham

OSAC Awards, OSAC AwardsRyan has given generously of his talents and time to OSAC’s Middle East North Africa Regional Committee (MENA RC) since its creation in 2014. A founding member of the MENA Steering Committee, Ryan served as the Vice Chair (2017-2018) and Chair (2018-2020). He oversaw the MENA RC in creating a diversity and inclusion statement and championed the group’s diversity of speakers and viewpoints for in-person and virtual events.

As an experienced global healthcare security leader, Ryan guided the MENA RC Steering Committee and OSAC to an informed decision on the safest, best-practice programming and outreach during a pandemic. He collaborated with the Steering Committee to develop informative webinars and partnered with OSAC’s Women in Security to present a popular virtual seminar during the 2020 OSAC Annual Briefing, “Women in National Security & Beyond.”

Enjoy the video of Nick presenting Ryan with his impressive honor.

Previous Winners:

2020: Rebecca Gomez and Dinesh Elangovan
2019: Richard Barta and William Gannon
2018: Shari-Ann Peart
2017: Rebecca Spingarn
2016: Anton Kort, Kat Plitsyna and Kirby Rosenbluth
2015: Arie van Veelen
2014: Lindsay Harrison and Seth Green
2013: Sarah Kessler and Timothy Haley


The OSAC Country Chapter Achievement Award highlights exceptional performance by an OSAC Country Chapter.

2021 RECIPIENT OSAC India – Chennai Chapter

Innovative thinking, exceptional collaboration, near-daily communication and commitment to the people and organizations in the OSAC India-Chennai Chapter have defined the Chapter’s remarkable service and leadership during India’s COVID-19 crisis. With the Chennai U.S. Embassy closed during the pandemic, Joseph Jung, Regional Security Officer and Public-sector Chair, worked tirelessly with the Chapter’s seven-member Executive Council to meet the ever-changing needs of its 159 members. Using email, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, virtual meetings, webinars and knowledge sessions (the latter garnering attendance from 15 countries), the Chapter validated and shared critical information that reached well beyond its membership.

Functioning like a command center during India’s second COVID-19 wave and consulting with 200+ hospitals, the Chapter assisted members and their communities in finding hospital beds, vaccines and medical intervention. The Chapter organized a member-wide drive for unused laptops for college students’ remote learning needs. The Chapter also worked with law enforcement to relocate 1,000+ people from southern to northern India and sourced timely information on cyclones, earthquake and flooding alerts.

OSAC Awards, OSAC Awards
Vijay Prakash Nayudu, Chapter Co-Chair; Citibank, N.A

OSAC Awards, OSAC Awards
Brian Rapier, RSO

OSAC Awards, OSAC Awards
Dinesh Elangovan Chapter Secretary; Fidelity Investments

In this clip, Ellen Tannor, OSAC Executive Director, presents the leadership of the Chennai Chapter with its award for the Chapter’s wonderful service.

Previous Winners:

2020: OSAC Ireland-Dublin Chapter
2019: OSAC Afghanistan-Kabul
2018: OSAC Venezuela-Caracas
2017: OSAC Ukraine-Kyiv
2016: OSAC Turkey-Istanbul
2015: OSAC Afghanistan-Kabul
2014: OSAC Kenya-Nairobi and OSAC Libya-Tripoli
2013: OSAC Nigeria-Lagos


The OSAC Common Interest Committee Achievement Award highlights exceptional performance by an OSAC Common Interest Committee (Regional Committee, Sector Committee or Special Interest Committee).

2021 RECIPIENT: International Development Sector Committee

The International Development Sector Committee (IDSC) and its Steering Committee played a transformative role in how its 223 members have served their communities during the pandemic. The IDSC’s early-2020 pivot to frequent virtual programming and communication continues to meet the needs of its membership of different organizations, large and small and spanning several sectors.

OSAC Awards, OSAC Awards
Lisa Oliveri, IDSC Chair Director, Global Safety & Security, Education Development Center

From a virtual networking session and IDSC-hosted event for the 2020 virtual OSAC Annual Briefing to Zoom trainings with its regular collaborator USAID, the IDSC embraced today’s challenges with vision, strategy, flexibility, and an unwavering commitment to duty of care. Using “Snapcall” meetings, or meetings that were organized within 24-72 hours following a major international incident, the IDSC responded immediately with the Burma Regional Security Officer during a coup to convene members and provide think-tank participation.

Additionally, the IDSC published several resources and publications including a COVID-19 benchmarking initiative; a document to assist members in numerous sector-specific challenges including pandemic insurance and vaccine mandate considerations; and a guide to USAID’s Partner Liaison Security Operation initiative.


From Lisa: “It is an honor to accept the OSAC Common Interest Committee Award on behalf of the IDSC Steering Committee, which includes Theo Alexopoulos, Cris Bohanski, Amaury Cooper, Tobias J. Friedl, Lyndall Herman, Brooke Kassner-Matz, Matthew Mead, Vitaliya Peake, Lauren Rajczak, Laura Schauble, Jake Trees and Phillip Ryan Wismer.  We would like to thank our amazing IDSC OSAC Program Officers, BryAna Stearns and Katherine Timothy, who supported all our pandemic programs, security exchange events, resource development and collaborations with other Common Interest Committees and Regional Committees. We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to all the panelists and participants who helped us achieve this success.”

In this clip, Ellen Tannor details the IDSC’s wonderful service in 2021.

Previous Winners:
2019: Women in Security
2018: Aviation Sector Committee
2017: International Development Sector Committee
2016: Hotels and Lodging Sector Committee


Presented by the OSAC Executive Board, the OSAC Exceptional Impact Award recognizes an extraordinary act of service or leadership that directly and significantly advanced OSAC’s core mission and goals.

2021 Recipient: James Weston, OSAC Deputy Executive Director

OSAC Awards, OSAC AwardsAs the first recipient of the OSAC Exceptional Impact Award, James Weston is being recognized for his vision and leadership that saw OSAC swiftly and ably adapt to the virtual climate and offer OSAC members a continued level of excellent products and services throughout the global pandemic.

Since James started at OSAC in 2013, the Council has seen steady improvements over the years. In the past year, though, James invested heavily in expanding OSAC’s digital footprint by overseeing a fully virtual Annual Briefing, over 100 virtual webinars and meetings, and directing key personnel to assess obstacles within OSAC’s website and initiate a roadmap for improvement. James’ dedication to OSAC and its thousands of members is undeniable. His exceptional leadership has carried OSAC through one of the most uncertain times in recent history.

From James: “It’s an honor to be the first recipient of this award. I am fortunate to work with so many talented colleagues in the State Department and private sector in advancing the work of OSAC and my sincere appreciation goes out to all who supported and continue to support me.”

Watch Nick Lovrien describe this new award and James’ achievements and leadership.