At the ISF Annual OSAC Appreciation Dinner, OSAC and ISF awards several honors to U.S. Department of State employees or groups and private-sector individuals. These awards recognize significant contributions to enhancing the ability of American organizations to protect their personnel, assets, information, intellectual property or business operations overseas.

The George P. Shultz Award for Excellence to OSAC recognizes the remarkable achievements of an individual to enhance the safety of OSAC constituents who daily confront terrorism, crime, natural disasters and other challenges as they cross the globe in search of new opportunities and to assist those in need. The award is named for OSAC’s founder, Secretary of State George P. Shultz.

2018 Co-honorees: Greg Bujac, Senior Advisor to OSAC, and Marsha Thurman, OSAC Program Specialist

Pictured (l. to r.): Rich Davis, ISF President, Peggy O’Neill, ISF Executive Director, Greg Bujac, Marsha Thurman, and Joe Morton, former OSAC Chairman who presented the award at the 6th Annual OSAC Appreciation Dinner, November 14, 2018.

Past Shultz Award honorees: James F. Snyder (2017), William H. McRaven (2016), Secretary of State George P. Shultz (2015)


The OSAC Distinguished Achievement Award is awarded to U.S. Department of State representatives who have made a significant, direct contribution to the safety and security of American organizations abroad.

2018 Honoree: Shari-Ann Peart, Program Officer, RISC Staff, OSAC

Given in recognition of her efforts over the past year to support the Middle East and North Africa Regional Council (MENA RC). Since the MENA RC’s launch in 2014, Shari-Ann has provided exceptional support to the Regional Council. Whether organizing meetings and conferences, serving as both a liaison and resource for MENA RC members and OSAC, or introducing networking initiatives, Shari-Ann has demonstrated excellence and a devotion to OSAC’s ideals and the needs of the MENA RC. Her constituent-focused approach significantly enhances the public-private collaboration and embraces our collective goals. Pictured with presenter Mark Krause, Senior Director of Corporate Security at Target.

Past Honorees: Rebecca Spingarn (2017), Anton Kort, Kat Plitsyna, Kirby Rosenbluth (2016) Arie van Veelen (2015), Lindsay Harrison, Seth Green (2014), Sarah Kessler, Timothy Haley (2013)

The OSAC Common Interest Council Achievement Award is presented to the OSAC Common Interest Council (a Regional Council or Sector-Specific Working Group) for its superb outreach to and programming for its members.

2018 Honoree: Aviation Security Working Group

Given in recognition of the Aviation Security Working Group’s (AWSG) standard-setting example of collaborative, innovative information sharing across the complexities of the aviation industry. Using the depth and breadth of its subject-matter experts, the Aviation Security Working Group produced webinars and whitepapers on aviation security for the general OSAC constituency. Meetings this year included partnering with the London Country Council, U.S. Ambassador and State Department’s Intelligence Threat Analysis Office Analyst, which included the first-ever joint meeting with Federal Aviation Administration and their British, Dutch, French, and German counterparts for an overflight risk discussion. Thank you for your ongoing, proactive commitment to increasing information sharing across the aviation network. Pictured  (l. to r.): AWSG Vice-Chair Ned Farmer of American Airlines and presenter Cameron Burks, Deputy Chief Security Officer, Global Security at Chevron Corporation.

Past Honorees: International Development Working Group (2017), Hotel Security Working Group (2015)

The OSAC Country Council Achievement Award highlights exceptional performance by an OSAC Country Council.

2018 Honoree: Caracas, Venezuela Country Council

Awarded to the Caracas, Venezuela Country Council for its consistent, trusted leadership amidst ongoing socio-economic challenges in Venezuela. The Caracas Country Council maintains a very high level of active participation among its nearly 60 members. With often twice-monthly meetings, a solid network, real-time use of social media, and national and international speakers and pertinent topics, the Council provides much-needed business continuity in a region dealing with permanent social commotion. Such leadership in the face of complexity has resulted in several companies joining OSAC and participating in activities and meetings. Pictured (l. to r.): Caracas, Venezuela Country Council private sector co-chair Jose Carmona of Chevron, presenter Eddie Silverman, ISF Board member and Chairman and CEO, SOS Security LLC, and Caracas Regional Security Officer Patrick Mills.

Past Country Council Achievement Award Honorees: Kyiv, Ukraine (2017), Istanbul Turkey (2016), Kabul, Afghanistan (2015), Nairobi, Kenya and Tripoli, Libya (2014), Lagos, Nigeria (2013)

The OSAC Technical Advisor Achievement Award is presented to the individual, either a government employee or private-sector employee, whose contributions to OSAC and the safety and security of OSAC’s constituents merit recognition.

Elena Kim-Mitchell (2017 and 2016, pictured), Peggy O’Neill (2015), Julie Friend (2014), Demetri Vacalis (2014). There was not a Technical Advisor Achievement Award given in 2018.


Established in 2017, The OSAC Regional Country Council Winners recognizes those Country Councils that demonstrate excellence in mitigating risk and upholding the public-private partnership abroad.

2018 Awardees: 

Africa: Johannesburg-Pretoria Country Council; Ivan Wray, Johannesburg-Pretoria Country Council; Joshua Bauer, U.S. Consulate General Johannesburg; Andrew Kelly, Coca-Cola

Americas:Lawrence W.K. Casselle, U.S. Embassy Baghdad Baja Country Council; Chris Pook, G4S; Anna Kephart, U.S. Consulate General Tijuana; Guillermo Gonzalez, IENOVA (Sempra Energy)

East Asia and the Pacific:Tokyo, Japan Country Council; William E. Densmore, U.S. Embassy Tokyo; David Welch, Cisco

Europe: Moscow, Russia Country Council; Jorge Conrado, U.S. Embassy Moscow; Tim Fisher, Deloitte

Middle East: Baghdad, Iraq Country Council

South Central Asia: Kabul, Afghanistan Country Council; Eric Kriley, U.S. Embassy Kabul; Bradley Markwald, U.S. Embassy Kabul; Gregory Newman, U.S. Embassy Kabul; Bret Dalton, IAP Worldwide Services