Nov 9, 2018 /

LARC Meeting Recap

The Latin America Regional Council Meeting (LARC) hosted its second meeting of the year on October 2, 2018, at Florida International University in Miami. An important part of LARC’s robust programming for its 500+ members is a schedule of two annual meetings, one in the spring and one in the fall.

Organized by the LARC Steering Committee, this daylong meeting and networking event, attended by 235 people, focused on security management across Latin America’s diverse cultural and challenging political landscape. With the generous support of donors, the LARC also sponsored a half-day training on “Interview Skills: Detection of Deceptive Behavior” at FIU on October 3 after the meeting concluded. John Rodriguez, Global Security Director at Cardinal Health, conducted the training for 45 LARC members and offered them practical tips on how to conduct employee investigative interviews.


Welcoming Remarks

  • Martin Barye-Garcia, Chair, Latin America Regional Council
  • Brian Fonseca, Director-Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy, Florida International University
  • Fred Stolper, Special Agent-in-Charge, Diplomatic Security Miami Field Office
  • Tom Scanlon, Executive Director, OSAC

Governance and Security in Central America:

  • Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera, Former President of Costa Rica and Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Florida International University

On the Ground during the 2018 Nicaragua Rebellion: Views, News and Security Challenges:

  • Moderator: Vincent Volpi, Founder, Guardian Angel by PICA, LLC
  • Nick Copeland, Managing Partner, Above Ground Risk Solutions
  • Brand Protection through Supply Chain and Distribution Channel Integrity:
  • Hannibal Travis, Professor of Law, Florida International University
  • Cynthia Merchant, Regional Security Manager-Latin America, Eli Lilly and Company
  • Luis Mozas, Regional Security Manager-Latin America, Abbott
  • John Martinicky, Founder, MAGSS, LLC

Hostage Recovery and the U.S. Government:

  • Brooke Neuman, External Affairs Coordinator, Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell
  • Mark Flores, Crisis Negotiator Unit Representative, Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell

Transnational Criminal Organizations:

  • Moderator: James Bosworth, Founder & CEO, Hxagon, LLC
  • Dr. Bruce Bagley, Professor, University of Miami
  • Mexico’s Security Environment Under AMLO
  • Stephanie Leutert, Director, Mexico Security Initiative at the University of Texas, Austin
  • Mike Hartnett, Director, Global Risk Analysis and Consulting at IHS Markit

Presidential Transition and Security Concerns in Brazil:

  • Moderator: James Bosworth, Founder & CEO, Hxagon, LLC
  • Rafael Salies, Latin America Risk Consultant
  • Julia Leite, Brazil Bureau Chief, Bloomberg

The Future of Peace and Security in Colombia:

  • Moderator: Claire Prestwood, Senior Security Intelligence Analyst-Americas, Cargill
  • Michael Camilleri, Director, Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program, Inter-American Dialogue
  • Andres Otero, Partner, Custom Information Services


Thank you to the wonderful speakers, Florida International University for its ongoing hospitality for the LARC annual meetings, the LARC Steering Committee for its outstanding leadership, and to Tom Scanlon, OSAC Executive Director, and the talented Research and Information Support Center (RISC) staff for an exceptional agenda.

We especially are grateful to our generous Gold Sponsors, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Citi, and Dataminr, Silver Sponsor BP and Bronze Sponsor IHS Markit. Thanks, as well, to the companies, organizations and individuals who support ISF.

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