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AWG Travel Safety and Security Seminar

The Academia Working Group (AWG) hosted its annual Travel Safety and Security Seminar on April 11, 2019 at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

The AWG, a consortium of subject-matter experts from public and private higher education institutions, education abroad third-party providers and other educational institutions, collaborates, networks and benchmarks on the unique safety, security, and health issues in education abroad. The 2019 Travel Safety and Security Seminar, which 85 people attended, included pre-conference sessions and participation in the Nogales Country Council held in Tucson that focused on security trends/issues in Mexico.

One of the pre-conference sessions was a hands-on wilderness survival training workshop. In the photo below, participants are practicing wound cleaning on pigs’ feet. Many of the places that students and faculty travel to don’t have immediate care facilities nearby so knowing the basics of treating wounds, packing first aid supplies and preventing common injuries when out in the wilderness was relevant to AWG members.

The Wilderness Survival workshop (above). To see the full gallery, click on the photo.

In developing the main conference session, the AWG Planning Committee recruited a variety of expert speakers, including travel safety and security professionals from across sectors, students, on-campus professionals and physicians.Timely topics included tips on helping institutions spot and correct travel blind spots, assessing and evaluating lodging, applying Secret Service techniques to travel safety and security and other topics.


Thank you to OSAC, the University of Arizona for hosting the event, the speakers and the Planning Committee, which is chaired by Marcia W. Henisz, Senior Director for International Health, Safety and Security at Drexel University, and Patrick T. Morgan, Senior Advisor of International Health, Safety and Security at the University of Michigan.

We are especially grateful to the generosity of our sponsors for making this event possible.

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